Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Packing for PR


I noticed on today that it's raining in Puerto Rico but I don't care because it's also in the high 80s. It can snow if it wants to as long as it stays in the high 80s!
So by this time tomorrow, I should be sitting in the airport on about chapter three of the Gunslinger, which my sister has agreed to loan me for the trip. I read the first three books some time in the early 90s I believe and just never got back into it. Now I need to start over since I remember absolutely nothing about it except that I liked it a lot. Something about a man and a journey...

Trying to learn from my last travel pitfalls, I have been doing my best to NOT get overly excited about this trip! I mean, yes, I'm totally looking forward to it, but I try to keep that thought distant so as not to guarantee a bout of post-travel depression. All the weird feelings about going without Dag help a lot because I don't feel right gushing about it to him. I've only had the stomach-flippy thing from thinking about the trip on two occasions!

A couple of nights ago I dreamt that my dad gave me a ride to the airport only I was going to Paris. Once I got there and he'd driven away, I realized I'd forgotten my passport and also that I wasn't sure when my plane left and couldn't find my itinerary or a screen at the airport. I got home somehow and located my passport and was trying to figure out my flight on the internets but the airline's website was all in French. My alarm clock rescued me.

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Aaron said...

Hooray! I hope that you had a good flight. It's 82 degrees there today! Sounds lovely, even if it sprinkles a bit. Take photos! Say "hello" to El Grande for me.