Monday, March 13, 2006

Further PR

Sunday Robert and I drove to the rain forest (El
Yunque). I climbed up the tower for a spectacular 360
degree view of the forest - just beautiful!

But since
it's winter, it's the dry season so no rain in the
forest that day. There are a LOT of little lizzards
running around which I LOVE!

Once in college I owned
a teeny little anole named...Opie. He was the love of
my life for about two weeks before he passed on to
that great anole farm in the sky. I used to harvest
miniature bug colonies from the moss on the tree
outside for him to eat. Sweet little Opie...
Anyway - rainforest - COOL! Today we got up at the
crack of dawn and went with a group of young tourists
on a Catamaran to an Island off of Fajardo for my
first time snorkeling! I was super nervous but MAN
was it fun!

It was so awesome we're going to join a
friend of theirs who are taking a boat to Culebra,
another island to the East of PR on Wednesday. I saw
so many different kinds of fish I've never seen before
and managed not to swallow too much water or get eaten
by sharks or baraccuda. Robert's mom got the night
off from cooking tonight since we went to a restarant
called Tropical. We were joined by Robert's sister
and Aunt. I've never heard so much simultaneous
conversation in all my life! I put myself in their
hands since I couldn't read the menu and got a
wonderful Mahi-Mahi with coconut sauce - just
spectacular! After dinner Robert and I connected his
laptop to his mom's brand new wireless DSL so we are
both tapping away on Yahoo.
Also, last night I learned how to play Rummikub (sp?)
so watch out game people - I am SO going to buy this
game and make you play it with me!
Tomorrow we take a longer drive to the second largest
city, Ponce. Not sure what to do once we get there -
must check out the guidebook tonight.

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