Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Vancouver Aquarium and Chinatown

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First full day in Vancouver (Dec 30), we all slept in, despite my suggestion to get there when the Aquarium opened at 10 to avoid some of the throngs of children. It was good to sleep in, though. I had to admit I was glad to have been overruled on that one. I made breakfast in the room - scrambled eggs with white cheddar. The aquarium visit began and ended with the incredibly cool Beluga whales. Afterwards we walked to Chinatown and by then most of the six of us had at least one desperate NEED, be it food, sitting down, cigarettes or a bathroom, so any browsing around the many brightly lit and colorful shops was fleeting and distracted. To heighten the frenzy, the first restaurant we found was not what we'd hoped (very cafeteria-ey) so we had to backtrack several blocks before getting all of our NEEDS met. I can't tell you if Foo's Ho Ho Restaurant is really all that awesome or if they just have food, chairs, a bathroom and a waitress who knows where to buy cigarettes.
After dinner we all retired to our respective hotel rooms for some down time before heading out that evening. A bit of communication breakdown had two of us doing one thing and the other four at another place. J & K ended up scouting out a dance club and finding good information about a goth night for Sunday. J & D & Dag and I found a neighborhood pub-ey style of place and accidentally ordered a monster plate of what we thought, based on the menu description (something about cheese warmed in a way I can't recall), would be a plate of cheese. It ended up being a plate of cheese with fries underneath and gravy on top. I felt it was a bit gross but that did not stop me from eating 1/4 of it! After an attempt to watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica in the room and losing J & D to exhaustion, Dag and I wandered over to Hamburger Mary's for a late-nite breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns and toast. I'm beginning to understand why my bathroom scale was 5lb "off" this morning!

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Mittens Pierre said...

when i went to vanc-bc w/my family a coupla summers ago we spent A LOT of time with the belugas. they are entrancing.