Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year's Day

Rainbow Roll
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I don't really have good photos from the NYE party, which was an evening of retro videos in Dag's and my hotel room. It was cool because everyone who was involved in the trip showed up so a total of 10 people - a good number. And it was nice to have everyone together for the changing of the year. It was also nice that the balcony supported all our weight while we Wooed and Hooed to the people down below. Next day we headed down to English Bay Beach to watch crazy people jump in the water for the annual Polar Bear Swim. And the most important thing was patronize the sushi restaurant that we liked so much last year! They have a new name this year and new decor and a LOT of customers so yay for them. The sushi did not disappoint!
After a nap, we headed out to the Goth night that J & K found. It was interesting that J & K & I kept "recognizing" strangers who looked like people who frequent the Goth night we go to in Portland.
The trip back was mellow as we were all pretty exhausted and I settled into my post-vacation depression. I just got way too wound up before this one started. Have to check that next time! Ah well, nothing a few days at work couldn't fix. Now I'm good as new and ready to start reading about Puerto Rico in prep for my March trip! And then Dag and I head to Chicago and Champaign-Urbana in June!
(but not too much!)

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