Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Anticipation keepin' me waiting!

So I've currently got about the worst case of Pants Ants I've ever had in my life!  I am so wound up about this trip I can barely concentrate!  I believe I may be addicted to travel and those of you who know me may one day have to perform some sort of painful intervention.  There is no other way to explain how close to running up and down the halls here at work screaming "WOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am at the moment!  I mean, it's Vancouver, which I've been to before only a year ago and is remarkably similar to the place I already live.  And we're only going to be there for four nights.  I have no business being this freaked out!  If I don't temper this, I'm going to need some kind of grief counseling when I get back.  But in the meantime:

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Upcoming flights of fancy

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I'm DYING to go on vacation and I've got two lined up that I'm super excited about. First, Dag and I and a few others who may or may not want their names mentioned on the internet will be going to Vancouver, BC for New Year's eve. NYE is such a high pressure Holiday and can often be disappointing and a pain. Everyplace that is normally cool is suddenly $30 and full of stupid drunk people. So more money for less coolness! The idea here is to go out of town so everything you do is automatically cool because you're ON VACATION! Plus Vancouver is really awesome. This photo is from last December's Vancouver trip. I brought along Sock Boyfriend as part of a very long-story-you-had-to-be-there style inside joke that I'm not sure I even remember. But I had lots of fun posing for photos with him and actually, this is in Seattle so we were still a day away from Vancouver.
Second, I will be meeting an old friend in Puerto Rico in the most annoying part of the year for Portland, weather-wise...early spring. Still four entire months to go before any real warmth but it's not winter any more so you're expected to be all happy about that. Bah. So my friend's mom will be in PR and we will be hanging with her. It's exciting to me because in all the 10 years I've known my friend, I've never met his mom and it got to the point where some other friends and I teased him that he was making her up. Also I'm very excited because I haven't seen my friend in about two years. And I've never seen Puerto Rico so that is also something to look forward to. It's very tough to keep calm while all this travel is ahead of me. Early fall is looking a little like Thailand or some other Very Far Away place using Imtrav like we did this year for China.
Now I am all worked up!
Luckily, Vancouver is only two weeks away or I might pop!