Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yuan Renminbi

Originally uploaded by lesliegardner.
Here I am familiarizing myself with the only type of currency I could get my hands on today: the 100RMB note...about $12.35.
So much for my plan of learning about all the different denominations up close and personal. Luckily there are websites with pictures!


goodFRUIT said...

Just come randomly to your site. I live in Hongkong and I found your itinery is just interesting. It's difficult for westerners to survive in China, especially apart from big cities. Good luck. BTW take real care of your belongings and ignore all the hassles, remember to bargain - starting from 10% of the given price.

Leslita said...

Thanks for the comments, goodfruit! Do you have any suggestions for a nice gift from America for my coworker in HK? She is a woman in her twenties.

goodFRUIT said... seems that we can get everything in Hong Kong already. what about sthg like scarf? I don't know, it's just a suggestion