Friday, September 30, 2005

Trouble in Mexico City

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O…M…G! I am still in Mexico City, having missed my connecting flight to Portland!!! Leslie does not do this! Leslie is always the one three hours early sitting at the gate doing crosswords! I got in my head that my flight was at 6:50 instead of 6:10 and I missed it since I was sitting in a café chatting with a colleague from Germany. Everyone at the airport was very nice, even the guy who told me I could really really for sure not get on the plane three times (I was groveling to the best of my ability). The next flight is tomorrow – same time – UGH! So I spent half an hour on the phone to AMEX emergency travel services (thanks adidas!) and they made me a reservation at the Holiday Inn which is probably a 7 minute drive from the airport but it took the shuttle 30 min in traffic. Now that I’m in the hotel, I’m over the anxiety of the situation completely. Originally I was planning on punishing myself by spending the night in the airport but when I called Dag he insisted I get a hotel room and I’m so glad. Using the lesson I learned in China, I’ve brewed three pots of water in the coffeemaker, pouring them into all available mugs and glasses to cool for drinking water. I got to use my small Spanish vocabulary tonight in the hotel bar: “Tengo Novio!” No one here really speaks much English. I’m pretty sure I was asked to dance twice. I sat at a table and beat my high score in bowling on my Nokia. Now all the DVDs I brought for my laptop will come in handy. I will be watching episodes of Are you Being Served in several minutes (Mistah Graingah! Miss Slocum!). Breakfast (Desayuno) is included in my hotel bill as is the aeropuerto transfer tomorrow. This appears to be a sketchy part of town IMG_5975so I’m not sure if I’ll venture out tomorrow or not. I’ll take the opportunity to sleep in like crazy and maybe watch some cable. I’ve crossed the line from calamity to delightful humor so all is well.

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