Thursday, September 29, 2005

Temporary setback

Yesterday I got one of my MEHs.  Disaster!  I napped in the afternoon but it continued to get worse.   I dosed on my homeopathic remedy knowing it would likely get a LOT worse as a result but also end sooner.  I skipped out on the evening movie and dinner with the group, which was difficult as I'm supposed to be here to meet people!   But it turned out to be a very good decision.  I slept from about 8pm to 6am and this morning the headache is reduced by about 80%!!   This is the quickest I've ever come back from one of these since I started getting them.  And as a bonus, I'm now on the early-to-rise schedule I've wanted to be on since arriving.   Now I can get to breakfast when it opens and get to the business center when it opens and maybe take a siesta this afternoon to solidify my progress with the headache.


Headache completely gone by late morning – a miracle!  Worked from 8 til 4 with a long lunch break and decided if I were going to experience the beach and pool, I'd better get to it since the sample order is due tomorrow and I will be busy all day I expect.   The ocean was so warm…that's always a shock compared to Oregon's frigid waters.  By the pool, I cried reading the final chapters of the Josephine Bonaparte fictional journal series.   What a heartbreaking love story!  For some reason, dinner is at 9 so I'm going to eat lightly and get to bed early (hope there will not be too much pressure to drink and salsa dance).  

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