Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sunny Again

Last night after dinner a band played for our entertainment. Lots of traditional sounding music – I learned some salsa or meringue or something – maybe a little of both. Eager to appease every nationality, the band also played medleys of American Rock & Roll. Like Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones and even a little bit of the Beatles. I was out on the floor doing this dance step that everyone was doing and just getting the hang of it when another American came by and said to me “I’d just like to let you know that you’re doing the Electric Slide”. I just thought I’d come right out with it here and now before you all find out from reading the society pages. I also did the YMCA…with gusto. At periodic moments, the front man would also yell out the names of each of the countries he knew were represented in the room in order to get people to yell a lot. So he’d go “BRAZIL!” and all the Brazilians would totally freak out…”MEXICO”…freakout…and on and on. Then he’d go “USA!” and I would go “WooHOO!” all by myself. Hee hee. An interesting thing here is that as soon as the band started up, everyone just ran out to the dance floor and went for it. In America, of course, everyone has to sit around fidgeting for several songs until a brave couple or group gets up the courage to be first out, then everyone else will slowly join.
I found out yesterday that the “Sports on the beach” that was on the schedule for pre-dinner was not, in fact, elective. I found out from one disappointed-in-me female colleague that I was on a FOOTBALL TEAM (soccer, y’know) and since there weren’t enough women, she had to play the entire time. I felt sort of bad but if I had a time machine there is no freaking way I’d use it to go back and voluntarily expose my sports ignorance on the waterlogged beach to a bunch of people whose respect I’m trying to earn. Criminey.

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Jen said...

I thought I had already commented on this but I guess not - I LOVE that you were out there doing the electric slide, YMCA dance, and representing for the USA! Would that all of our international representation were #1 Groovers!