Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hong Kong and HOME

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We're back safe and sound today. I promise photos as soon as I can get them organized and weeded.
Here is a park we went to in Hong Kong Monday evening. I have a colleague who lives there and we spent the day together. We began with Dim Sum in a restaurant in the same building as the adidas office. The food and the view of the city (and of course the company) were divine. We were joined by another colleage and then after a quick tour of the office, met up with Dag and Larry at the Star Ferry Terminal. We rode the ferry across and hiked to the Peak Tram, taking city photos along the way. The tram ride reminded me of many recurring nightmares I've had about being in a car with no brakes careening backwards down a hill. Only no careening of course - it was just so steep it seemed like we might at any moment! After this, our vegetarian colleague departed for home and the remaining four of us had a carnivorous Korean BBQ feast. I have never seen that much food in all my life. We had to walk around the night markets to digest afterwards. Sorry for anyone who may have wanted any cheap knockoffs - we were all shopped out by the time we hit HK that all we could do was shuffle through the rows of stalls gawking at the goodies.
Today we got back all the hours we lost flying over so we arrived in Portland seven hours after departing, which is pretty good considering the flight from HK to Vancouver alone was 11 hours long. It's nice to be home but of course I am also feeling some post-holiday blues. It was such an amazing adventure that it's hard to let it go. That's where the photos come in!


Jen said...

Welcome home! I can see why you are having post-holiday blues - it sounds like you've had one of the all-time great vacations! I hope that your transition back into your every-day life (and the time zone that accompanies it) goes smoothly.

Mittens Pierre said...

thank you so much for all of these posts, carnitas! will you do the same for the upcoming mexico trip?