Monday, September 26, 2005


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The weather here is a bit strange. It’s warm and pleasant yet intermittently rainy and gusty. People here say that it’s quite uncharacteristic and they suspect it’s related to the hurricane action we’ve been getting in the US. Even when it rains, though, it’s warm. It’s like it doesn’t deserve to be called “rain”. Rain is what we are used to in Portland – it’s cold and makes everyone on the bus smell musty. Acapulco rain feels like liquid sunshine. I spent yesterday getting acclimated to this hunormous resort. We are being treated very well. Can I just say that I LOVE Mexican food? The restaurant adidas is paying for us to eat in is buffet-style so I get to sample lots of different things. Favorites so far are Ceviche, fish in lobster sauce, refried black beans, and chilaquiles for breakfast. And papaya for every meal…it brings tears to my eyes. Work-wise things have been very productive. I’ve met lots of people that I’ve only communicated with through email for the past five years. The business center is without power for laptops at the moment – hopefully that’s a temporary condition as my battery is only good for a couple of hours at a time and I have no high speed port in my room, which is odd because I do have a balcony facing the beach, TWO bathroom sinks and TWO walk-in closets. I’d trade one of each and the TV for a high speed port!

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DM said...

Wow. You are all over the place! But I'm glad you're doing well, after all that travelling...and uh, this travelling.