Monday, September 26, 2005


I've arrived safely in Acapulco.  It was a harrowing journey.  Before boarding, I looked around at the approximately one million small children who were going to be on the plane with me, and realized I'd forgotten to pack my earplugs.   Horror.  I was seated next to a man with particularly large elbows that spilled into the seats on either side of him.   The child who had been inconsolable at the gate was seated with his family in the row directly to my left.  I grabbed a pillow and blanket which were promptly yoinked back from me by the executive class attendant and sat in the overhead storage for the remainder of the flight.   The mother of the yelling baby reached over and gave me their pillow, insisting it was just taking up valuable space in their row, which was so sweet and made it impossible for me to grumble when her baby cried, which was a lot.   The airplane was uncharacteristically hot, as planes generally go, and elbow guy started to get a little ripe smelling.  When we reached Guadalajara for a quick stop and customs check, they said we could leave any bags behind that we wished, which I did, only discovering after being dropped off by the bus that my customs documents were in the front pocket of the left-behind bag.   They had to shuttle me all the way back to the plane to retrieve them.   Finally in Acapulco, the baggage claim carousel stopped with no bag for Leslie.   I pantomimed my way to the International arrivals baggage claim on the other side of the terminal where someone checked my tag and brought my bag to me.   This is when everything got sunny…as I was unsuccessfully trying to fend off all the taxi hawkers, a friendly guy in a red shirt said "Leslie Gardner?" and drove me to the hotel, where everyone was expecting me and everything was perfect.

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Jen said...

You deserve papaya at every meal after the luggage thing. I am glad what started harrowing ended with someone there to take you to the hotel and that the hotel has a buffet and a view of the ocean!