Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Last minute details

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Today we stopped by the camera shop to make sure Dag is fully equipped to bring back the coolest photos.
At this time I would like to address the two very good questions Jen asked in the comments of the last post.
First: How long is the flight from pdx to china?
We fly out of Vancouver BC and (OMG I just remembered we have to confirm our flights today! This is how I'm thinking now - random ideas slapping my brain with a front and a backhand) the flight is 11 hours and 20 minutes but because we're crossing so many time zones, we arrive 27 hours after we depart!
Second: Will you be sleeping on the plane, or do you have to stay awake for one million hours in order to acclimate?
It is my plan to stay up as long as possible Friday night, even if that means one million hours, sleep on the Portland to Vancouver flight, sleep the first five or so hours of the Vancouver to Beijing flight and then force myself to stay awake the remainder (we arrive at 2:40pm local time which is 11:40PM Portland time so that should be fun!)
I will be experimenting with Melatonin.

Today I'm a bit stressed. I'm really starting to get a sense of time running out, both at work and for trip preparation. There is not much left to do - most importantly I want to get some Yuan tomorrow so I can lay it all out and figure out what's what so I don't inadvertantly tip the cab driver $100 or something. Also I'm trying to get everything squared away for a business trip I'm taking five days after we return. Also I want to buy a gift for a coworker of mine who will be showing me around Hong Kong a bit on the last day of the tour - any ideas? What is cool and American that you can't buy cheaper in HK? Also I think I have something overdue from the library.


Jen said...

Oh, man! I wish there was some way that the phrase 'don't worry' could actually be helpful and not ridiculous. If it helps any, remember that you are a good planner and if you forget anything it will probably be something small and easily replaced at the airport.

Hooray for lots of cool pictures from China!

Mittens Pierre said...

you are VERY s-m-r-t to figure out the money in advance.