Monday, August 29, 2005

Everyone Loves Vacation

In almost exactly five days, Dag and I will be in Beijing instead of in Portland, meeting our friend LR who is flying in from a pre-vacation in Japan. I have the contents of my backpack laid out to see what is missing or what should be taken out. What do you think, should I leave the lamp behind?

In case you are ever curious as to where we are, here is a rough itinerary:
Sept 4-6 Beijing
Sept 7 Beijing-Xi'an
Sept 8 Xi'an
Sept 9 Xi'an - Luoyang
Sept 10 Luoyahg - Yichang
Sept 11 Yichang
Sept 12-13 Yangtze river cruise
Sept 14 Chongqing - Yangshuo
Sept 15-16 Yangshuo
Sept 17 Yangshuo-Guangzhou
Sept 18 Guangzhou - Hong Kong
Sept 19-20 Hong Kong

I will do my best to post from the road, but you never know. I may not be able to find an internet cafe' or I may just be too busy eating!


Mittens Pierre said...

you'll just have one backpack for the whole trip?!

Martina said...

I hope you do have time to update. Your trip sounds so fun! I think you should take the lamp, you never know when you'll need better lighting.

Leslita said...

Yes, Mittens, one backpack - impressive, eh? Thing is, we're moving around so much and we are each responsible for our own luggage. I'm trying to only take as much as I feel like...lugging.

Martina, you are not the only one who has enocouraged me to take the lamp! If it wouldn't be such a pain, I would totally do it just to take lots of tourist-style photos with it - stolen garden gnome style! Well, there's always photoshop.

Jen said...

I am very impressed that it is just the one bag! How long is the flight from pdx to china? Will you be sleeping on the plane, or do you have to stay awake for one million hours in order to acclimate?